13 Great Gospel Piano Chords + 1 Progression You Must Learn

https://www.freejazzlessons.com/ray-course/ In this video I show you 13 great gospel piano chords and 1 gospel chord progression that pulls all them together nicely.

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I created this new piano tutorial to celebrate the launch of our new course. The course is called “Play Like Ray”.

The gospel piano chords we go over in this video are:


In terms of music theory the chords function like this:
V7 of ii

You can take any chord voicing you know and apply them to the roman numeral breakdown I just listed above. Although, if you want to play in a more authentic gospel style I highly recommend you apply the gospel piano chords we teach you in the new course.

Another thing that’s cool about this particular gospel chord progression is that you can use a variety of what is traditionally though of as more jazz chords. They sound great mixed in.

This is because gospel piano has influences from lots of different styles. In fact, many would say it’s the other way around. Gospel piano chords have found their way into jazz, R&B, funk, etc. etc.

That’s actually one of my favorite things about studying gospel piano. When you really dig in to the playing of great artists, it’s almost like you’re also taking a jazz piano lesson or a blues piano lesson.

Another cool thing about these type of gospel piano chords is the way each voicing leads nicely to the next. Play close attention to how each note voice leads.

This is a common musical technique you’ll find in music that is vocal influenced. i.e. each note of a voicing leads smoothly into the next note and there aren’t as many jumps.

This is similar to how a choir would sing. In general, singers singing in harmony aren’t making huge leaps. They tend to have melodies that move mostly step wise. We try to do the same thing on piano. The result is easy to play from a physical standpoint and it also sounds better.

Another device that I use is to decorate the gospel piano chords with little grace notes and chord extensions.

For example:
1. on the C7 chord i use descending mixolydian triads.
2. The E7 chord I use passing bebop scale chromatics from the root to the flat 7 of the chord
3. On the A7 chord i grace from the 7th back to the root.
4. On the D7 chord I play the #11 (from the lydian dominant scale) and then resolve it into the root.
5. I use George Shearing style double lead voicing block chords on the Fm7 chord.
6. I play a classic Ray Charles move by augmenting the 5th on the G7 chord.

I hope you enjoyed this gospel piano tutorial. If you enjoyed this tutorial I highly recommend you pick up a copy of the course on October 22nd. We will have limited printing so first come first serve.

If you’re more of a beginner piano player and 1st exploring gospel chords i would organize the chords you learn here into 3 main categories.

Minor chords, dominant chords and diminished chords. That way the next time you see these types of chords in a chord chart you’ll have some vocabulary to throw in.

If you don’t know how to do it don’t worry…we’ll show you 100’s of great voicings in the new program.

Thanks so much for hanging out and watching. Please share with other musicians friends who would enjoy learning a cool gospel chord progression like this.

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