Child´s Play – Main Theme [Piano Version] ~ Played by Chucky!

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This is the classic Child’s Play Theme from the 1988 movie which is really love. Composed by Joe Renzetti.
This piece sounds really nice for the piano.
I am really excited about the new Child’s Play movie since I really liked those old movies and I am curious how this new movie comes up. I haven’t seen it but I will see it soon 🙂 More Child’s play stuff to come up!
I have to thank Matthew Forrest for his great art of Chucky which I was able to use for my Spotify art as you can see in the first link. Please check out his wonderful arts!

Also I am wondering what you think of the new particles setup of Rosseau and Patrik Pietschmann 🙂
Happy holidays!


Child´s Play – Main Theme [Piano Version] ~ played by Chucky!

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