Circular Progression #1 – Intermediate/Advanced Piano Lesson by Jonny May

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In this lesson, your going to learn one of the coolest Circular Progressions ever!!

You’ll learn the basic progression, a super groovy way of playing it, a left hand accompaniment for when you solo, and course, HOW TO IMPROVISE.

The improvisation portion is the best part of the lesson! You’ll learn 3 approaches: Easy, Medium, and Hard. With the easy approach, you only learn 1 scale to solo, with the medium approach, you learn 2 scales, and with the Hard approach, you learn a scale for each chord.

Regardless of your playing level, YOU CAN solo on this.

If you enjoyed this preview course, checkout the full course on, where you can download the backing track and access the Smart Lesson Sheet to slow down, loop sections, and even change keys on the sheet music.

You got this piano players!

Jonny May

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