Easy BLUES Piano: I bet you $1,000,000 you can play it!!

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What’s up my piano friends! Today we’re going to go over some simple blues piano techniques you can use TODAY to start improvising! And guess what… it’s a lot easier than most people think. In fact, you can literally start improvising with only 3 notes. And it actually sounds good! (You’ll see what I mean in the video).

Once you get those 3 notes rock-solid (we’ll be doing some fun “Call and Response Exercises” to drill them into your fingers and start getting you used to the “Blues Feel”. These are super fun, I think you’ll enjoy them. Oh, and there’s a cool technique where you can turn those 3 notes into 15 notes on the piano withOUT any extra work, just by transposing up an octave (if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry it’s not complicated as you’ll see in the video!)

Ok, then next step we’re going to start adding some “Extensions”. This is simply adding some notes above and below our “Main 3 Notes” to add some texture and flare to your improv skills.

And lastly we’ll talk about the Left hand and how to learn that. By the end of this video you should have a good handle on the blues and exactly how to improvise over it. Then it’s just a matter of going through the progressive Call and Response exercises in the Bonuses section to go from beginner to intermediate to advanced to expert level.

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Happy practicing!


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