[Piano Tutorial] The Space | 太空 – Wu Tsing-fong | 吳青峰

How to play:
Song: The Space | 太空 (Tai Kong)
By: Wu Tsing-fong | 吳青峰

Sheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JmhUe4_qKfQtdsR3tLdg2V2GFjQGjOHV/view?usp=sharing

The Space is a song performed by Wu Tsing-fong from his album Spaceman released in 2019. Wu Qing-feng is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter. He is also the founder and lead vocalist of Taiwanese band Sodagreen. Wu has won for a Golden Melody Award for Best Composition in 2007 and another Golden Melody Award for Best Lyrics in 2016.

Song: Vũ Trụ | 太空 (Tai Kong)
By: Ngô Thanh Phong | 吳青峰


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