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Live Lessons With Real Teachers
Piano • Guitar • Voice • Drums

The Merriam School of Music is changing how students connect with us. Our existing school will operate normally from our two campuses in Oakville and Vaughan, but for the rest of the world, our school is coming to you in a big, online way.

This isn’t Skype lessons. This isn’t pre-recorded content. This isn’t boring online courses. These are our teachers, and our courses, delivered in an interactive environment that’s light-years ahead of any other online music lesson.

From your first ‘hello’, you’ll know you’re in good hands. A caring, experienced, and invested teacher who wants you to succeed, and knows how to make it happen. It’s a special connection that inspires and motivates you – and most importantly, it gets results. You’ll have clear online lesson plans, goals that make sense to you, and a sense of accountability to keep on track.

Our teachers are accomplished professionals directly recruited, hired, and trained by the Merriam School of Music. Each teacher receives 80 hours of intensive training at our main 26,000 sq ft campus in Toronto Canada, has received a post-secondary degree or diploma training, and has taught with us for an average of 4.5 years.

● Industry-Leading Standards of Training & Certification
● 120 Music Teachers to Choose From (Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing)
● Expert Teachers in Classical, Jazz, Opera, Music Theatre, Rock, Pop, R&B, and Flamenco
● Safe & Welcoming Environment (Background Checked Teachers & Lessons Monitoring)

Guitar Lessons:

Enroll in expert-led high-quality online guitar lessons. Learn guitar online from top-rated professionals. Start your free trial! (Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar)

Piano Lessons:

Online Piano Lessons help your favorites from John Legend, Coldplay, Adele, Beethoven, The Beatles, Miles Davis and more, complete with backing tracks that put you right in the music.

Drums Lessons:

Private lessons are taught from the comfort of your own home. Each lesson is tailored by a Certified Instructor to suit the student’s skill level and aspirations. Learning music with Merriam is fun!

Singing Lessons
We’ll teach you the foundations of healthy vocal technique all the way up to how to prepare for your first performance. We’ll introduce basic techniques to help grow your confidence and range, then dive into fun style techniques and end with a focus on performing.


Making sure we’re a good fit for you is important to us.
If, after the first lesson, you choose to cancel, the FIRST LESSON IS FREE.

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