3 ‘ESSENTIAL’ Right Hand Patterns For Piano – PERFECT For Beginners

Everyone talks about the left-hand right? But what about the right hand! In this video, I give you 3 BEAUTIFUL right-hand patterns, perfect for beginners AND those of you with a little bit of experience as well.

They sound INCREDIBLY melodic, are fun to play and I give you a few ideas you can use to sit at that piano for hours of creative, never-ending piano-ey fun.

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1:00 – Everything we need to know before we get going

1:54 – The First Pattern (The Magic of Thirds)
https://youtu.be/jpZgpeFsDmk – Every Breaking Wave – U2, Live on Jools Holland

6:53 – The Second Pattern (Melody Driven Broken Chords)
https://youtu.be/hLQl3WQQoQ0 – Someone like you – Adele

12:03 – The Third Pattern (A Combination Of Thirds and Broken Chords)

15:14 – Taking things further with experimentation. Taking different chords and our patterns to create beautiful music.

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