4 Things A Beginner Piano Player Should Practice

“My fingers don’t want to cooperate with my brain.”

Sound familiar? This lesson is for YOU!

When you start learning the piano, it can be really hard to know WHAT you’re supposed to practice, especially if you don’t have a teacher to help you.

This lesson will help guide you through 4 exercises you can start practicing RIGHT NOW to help you get comfortable at the keys and help your fingers connect to your brain.

Kaitlyn is here to help! This lesson was filmed about a week after she started learning the piano, so you’ll be able to SEE some of the common things that beginners tend to do when they’re learning.

Does it look familiar?

Here are the tips and the timecodes:

– #1 – Keyboard Geography – 0:50
– #2 – The Five Finger Scale – 1:42
– #3 – The Claw – 3:52
– #4 – Keyboard Familiarity – 5:30
– #5 (BONUS) – Chords – 6:24

For each of these exercises, TAKE IT SLOW!

It will take time. That’s ok. You will get better 🙂

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