5 Beautiful Themes from DreamWorks Animation | Piano Tutorial (Synthesia)

Piano tutorial for my DreamWorks medley including beautiful themes from Shrek, Spirit, How To Train Your Dragon, The Prince of Egypt, and Kung Fu Panda.

► SHEET MUSIC: http://bit.ly/2BM5wQq
► Original cover: http://bit.ly/2EIohE6

► Want to learn the piano? This is the quickest and easiest way: http://tinyurl.com/JonPumper-flowkey

Medley includes:

► Shrek – “Fairytale”: 00:1
► Spirit – “I Will Always Return”: 1:06
► How To Train Your Dragon – “Romantic Flight”: 2:31
► The Prince of Egypt – “The Burning Bush”: 4:01
► Kung Fu Panda – “Oogway Ascends”: 5:07


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Composer Credits:

“Fairytale” – Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell
“I Will Always Return” – Bryan Adams, Robert John Lange, Hans Zimmer
“Romantic Flight” – John Powell
“The Burning Bush” – Hans Zimmer
“Oogway Ascends” – Hans Zimmer, John Powell

Sad/Nostalgic Medleys:

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► 5 Beautiful Themes from DreamWorks: http://bit.ly/2EIohE6
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Thanks for all the tutorial and sheet music requests for this! The original video will always have a special place in my heart; one of my favorite arrangements I’ve made to date. Mostly because I get to play songs from all my favorite movies/composers. Working on getting the sheets/tutorial for the Sad Pixar medley next, and you can expect another animation medley in the very near future!

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