#69: Two Simple Rhythm Patterns For Beginners And Intermediates

Want to add beautifully crafted arpeggiated broken chords to your playing? This is what you need.

There’s a misconception that you need to know a lot of BIG extended chords to make your playing sound full and exciting, not true. But in reality, all you need for now ( especially as a beginner and intermediate player) are ways to add rhythms to already learned progressions so they can come alive.

Master the heart of hand independence with these 6 progressions, over 10 rhythmic patterns, transposed in all 12 keys. Bring those favorite songs of yours to life by merely adding broken chord rhythms.

Check out Rhythm Chords here: https://pianolessonwithwarren.com/courses/rhythm-chords/
See what other students are saying: https://pianolessonwithwarren.com/course_student_reviews/rhythm-chords/

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