Adult Beginner Pianist – 7 month piano progress

?After a while applying for the piano at my university, it doesn’t seem to work out, and I truly want to have a chance to continue my piano career and motivate others with that. If you’re willing to help me with that, here’s my Patreon:
? I am 24 years old, from Vietnam. I started teaching myself piano last year to see my ability because I’ve been in love with this musical instrument since I was just a little girl. And after a while saving money, I finally got my first piano and couldn’t wait to play it.
Yeah, here is my result after 7 months challenging myself, hope you guys will give me positive comments. ?

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??How I learned piano JUST BY YOUTUBE:

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▸ Intro song: Milky Chance – Stolen Dance



1, October 1: Ngoi nha hanh phuc by Thuy Tien

2, October 2: Comptine d’un autre été by Yann Tiersen

3, November: Phia sau mot co gai by Soobin Hoang Son

4, December: The beginning by Ryan Arcand

5, February and April: FLOWER DANCE by DJ Okawari 🙂

▸ Other videos:

—Flower Dance – DJ Okawari piano cover:
—Comptine d’un autre été – Yann Tiersen:
—Phia sau mot co gai – Soobin Hoang Son piano cover:
—Phia sau mot co gai – Soobin Hoang Son piano tutorial:

Thank you all for watching!

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