Autumn Leaves – Advanced (Bill Evans’ Style) │Jazz Piano Lesson #35

Jazz Piano
Autumn Leaves Solo Piano and Trio Arrangement.
Sheet Music Solo Piano Version):
Sheet Music (Trio Version):

Autumn Leaves Improvisation (Full Collection):

Jazz Piano Bundle Vol. 1
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Solo Piano arrangement
Bar 12: The chord symbol shows the right chord, but I missed to add a “b” front of the A note.
Bar 31-32: I play the last G note on the “4+” instead of 1. When I wrote the arrangement 1 sounded really good, when I recorded it 4+ sounded even better 🙂 Therefore I wanted to keep both in the video.

Trio Arrangement:
Bar 18: It is originally a Am7b5 chords, but Bill Evans plays a beautiful A7 chord these, so I wanted to add this to the arrangement, but keep the Am7b5 as a chord symbol, so we learn that we can often change the quality of the chords.

If you know me a little bit, you already realized that I don’t necessary follow my arrangements 🙂 I like to keep it fresh, so I play around with the rhythm here and there.
There are two cases when I would be very strict on following the music sheet as it is written:
1. It is a classical piano piece
2. It is a lesson for beginners about how to read music

However, if you are a classically trained pianist I can understand that you watch this lesson and you might start to think:
“This is not exactly the same! So where is the mistake? Is it in the sheet music or in his playing? What part should I follow?”

The answer is very simple: Take these differences as a possible variations on the arrangement, because in the end this is what you really want to do: to play around with the rhythm and voicings every time you play through the tune.
In this way, slowly, but surely you will stop think about right and wrong, and see everything as a variation.

Don’t get me wrong. I feel you man 🙂 I started out as a classical pianist, but I was always into jazz music. When I entered the jazz school, I often told to my jazz piano teacher that he can’t play this or that, because it is theoretically not correct, even if it is jazz 😀
Took me two years to understand what he means when he says: “Relax”

Good luck and thanks for watching!
See you soon!

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