Autumn Leaves – Jazz Piano Tutorial – Swing

Jazz Piano
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This is one of the first jazz songs I ever learned and I am still trying to learn it! I decided to play only one solo chorus because I wanted to really focus on the melody. I have added a few annotations but most of this “lesson” is to learn the melody and practice it slowly. Then, when you’ve really got it together, take it up a notch and gradually increase until it feels comfortable. For the improvisation section, try and take only one chorus, but make that one chorus really count.

Production Notes:
I am using a Roland FP-4 keyboard with the stock Piano sound. A mild amount of post-processing done with Ferox VST plug-in to give some added warmth and then I put a touch of reverb just because I felt like it. The on-screen keyboard from captured with Camtasia software. Video compositing and rendering done with Serif MoviePlus X3.

A special thanks to the piano master Benny Green for helping me with this one.

As always, thanks for listening and for your continued support.

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