Beautiful Beginner Piano Improvisation (Only 3 Chords)

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If you have NEVER played the piano before — you can do this.

Improvisation can be intimidating. After all, you are expected to just make stuff up and express yourself. And that can be hard for beginners, who lack some of the technical and theoretical knowledge.

So here is a really simple framework to help you start improvising as a beginner. It only uses 3 chords and 3 notes in the right hand!

The chords we’ll use are F, G, and A minor. But if you don’t know what those are — that’s ok!

Here are the timecodes. Have fun 🙂

– Building the 1st chord (and what to do if you can’t play it) – 0:39

– The other 2 chords – 1:13

– Starting to improvise with the right-hand – 1:54

– Adding more to the pattern and next steps – 3:01

As I said — this is a really BASIC introduction to an improv pattern. My goal is for you to see that improvisation doesn’t have to be some far-off goal or big scary thing.

It’s something you can start practicing from the very beginning.

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