Beginning Rhythm Piano Vol. 1: The Fun Approach

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Reading makes it tedious to learn piano. If you are a beginner, you can pick it up in no time from Dan Huckabee. This is the first chapter in a one-hour long video. If you like what you see, you can come to our web site and download both volumes or have us send you the DVD.
In Volume One: Dan Huckabee has you playing the chords to 18 songs in 4 different keys in practically no time at all. You start right off playing songs, because he skips the sight-reading. You will learn left & right hand techniques, rhythmic stylizations, the Nashville Numbering system, theory that will help you figure out songs of your own choosing, finger exercises, & much more. What exactly is “Rhythm Piano?” Answer: “Rhythm Piano” is the way the piano is played when you are singing a song. This course is for the total beginner, or for the reading piano player who wants to learn to play by ear, or for someone who plays another instrument who wants to add piano as a second instrument. Is it ok for kids? Answer: Yes! It is designed for all ages!

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