Buddi Song – Child’s play 2019 [Piano Version] ~ played by Chucky!

Sheet music: http://www.pianoplateau.com/sheet-music/childs-play-2019-the-buddi-song
Buddi song on Spotify (for karaoke): https://sptfy.com/4F8t
Karaoke video of the Buddi Song: http://y2u.be/k-9HEu16aYY
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Buddi song from Child’s play 2019. Composed by Bear McCreary.
Track 1 from the soundtrack Child’s play. I really like this song a lot and I think it suits the piano perfectly! There is a lot of tension in this music which I really like.
I really enjoy the soundtrack of Child’s play 2019 by Bear McCreary. This is piano piece is arranged by the great White Admiral! Please considering purchasing the sheets to support his great work!
I hope you enjoy this melodic Chucky theme on the piano!


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