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This is a tutorial for Pachelbel’s Canon in D, which I arranged for easy piano.

In this video, I break up the music into groups of four and I show you how the hands line up with each other. We go slowly through each section, one hand at a time, then hands together.

Remember to practice slowly, pause the video until you are ready to go faster, then come back and play faster with me. Keep practicing and you WILL improve, I promise!

Performance 0:40
Left Hand for All Parts 4:48
Part 1 Right Hand 12:08
Part 1 Hands Together 15:34
Part 2 Right Hand 19:34
Part 2 Hands Together 22:02
Part 3 Right Hand 23:42
Part 3 Hands Together 27:40
Part 4 Right Hand 28:24
Part 4 Hands Together 31:02
Part 5 Right Hand 32:10
Part 5 Hands Together 34:50
Part 6 Right Hand 35:33
Part 6 Hands Together 36:44
Part 7 Right Hand 37:26
Part 7 Hands Together 38:47
Part 8 Right Hand 39:57
Part 8 Hands Together 40:29
Part 9 Hands Together 41:00
Part 10 Hands Together 41:40
Ending Right Hand 42:50
Ending Left Hand 43:37
Ending Hands Together 41:11

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