Change Chords Faster On The Piano

Today, we’re going to learn to change chords quickly so you can play faster and more smoothly.

The piano keyboard is a big space. Moving around it with speed and accuracy can be a challenge, and also quite daunting!

The key is chord inversions. Playing every chord in root position means you are faced with big jumps around the keyboard. This takes time and can lead to errors.

A much faster and smoother way of playing is to use inversions. But the challenge lies in deciding which inversion to use. I’ll show you some of the most common transitions.

Here’s a breakdown of today’s lesson with the timecodes:

Moving from the root chord to the 5 chord – 1:09

Moving from the 5 chord to the 6 chord – 2:44

Moving from the 6 chord to the 4 chord – 3:12

Putting it all together – 3:54

Trying it in another key – 4:26

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