Dick Hyman’s Century of Jazz Piano Lessons DVD (Full Jazz Piano Lesson Videos) [Best video Quality!]

Jazz Piano
The full Dick Hyman’s Century of Jazz Piano DVD!
In this video Dick Hyman explains various piano Jazz techniques.
Just like the Willie The Lion Smith documentary, I do NOT own the rights to this video.
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Richard Hyman (birth name) is an American jazz pianist and composer. Over a 60-year career, he has worked as a pianist, organist, arranger, music director, electronic musician, and composer. He was named a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters fellow in 2017.

Hyman was born in New York City to Joseph C. Hyman and Lee Roven. He was trained classically by his mother’s brother, the concert pianist Anton Rovinsky, who premiered The Celestial Railroad by Charles Ives in 1928. Hyman said of Rovinsky, “He was my most important teacher. I learned touch from him and a certain amount of repertoire, especially Beethoven. On my own I pursued Chopin. I loved his ability to take a melody and embellish it in different arbitrary ways, which is exactly what we do in jazz. Chopin would have been a terrific jazz pianist! His waltzes are in my improvising to this day.” Hyman’s older brother, Arthur, owned a jazz record collection and introduced him to the music of Bix Beiderbecke and Art Tatum.

Relax Records released Hyman’s solo piano versions of “All the Things You Are” and “You Couldn’t Be Cuter” around 1950. Hyman recorded two honky tonk piano albums under the pseudonym “Knuckles O’Toole and included two original compositions, and recorded more as “Willie the Rock Knox” and “Slugger Ryan”.

As a studio musician in the 1950s Hyman performed with Charlie Parker for Parker’s only film appearance. He worked as music director for Arthur Godfrey.

Hyman has worked as composer, arranger, conductor, and pianist for the Woody Allen films Zelig, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Broadway Danny Rose, Stardust Memories, Hannah and Her Sisters, Radio Days, Bullets Over Broadway, Everyone Says I Love You, Sweet and Lowdown, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion and Melinda and Melinda. His other film scores include Moonstruck, Scott Joplin, The Lemon Sisters and Alan and Naomi. His music has also been heard in Mask, Billy Bathgate, Two Weeks Notice, and other films. He was music director of The Movie Music of Woody Allen, which premiered at the Hollywood Bowl.

Hyman composed and performed the score for the Cleveland/San Jose Ballet Company’s Piano Man, and Twyla Tharp’s The Bum’s Rush for the American Ballet Theatre. He was the pianist/conductor/arranger in Tharp’s Eight Jelly Rolls, Baker’s Dozen, and The Bix Pieces and similarly arranged and performed for Miles Davis: Porgy and Bess, a choreographed production of the Dance Theater of Dallas. In 2007, his Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which had been commissioned by the John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts, and set by Toni Pimble of the Eugene Ballet, premiered in Eugene, Oregon.
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