Donna Lee – Solo Piano Arrangement │Jazz Piano Lesson #39

Sheet Music:
Donna Lee by Charlie Parker – Two Solo Piano Arrangements
Level: Intermediate, Advanced

– I will add one YouTube lesson every week.
– I will add one or two lessons to my curriculum too.

News for Sound of Emotions members:
We went through a bunch of beginners and early intermediate lessons and now (slowly but surely) we are entering to some advanced concepts. I will still jump back to some basic concepts, but from now on I am going to move much faster, because I am confident enough that after this 116 lessons you have a strong intermediate piano skills.
Looking forward to this period!

About the outro:
It is originally an intro from a song called Hilja. The band is called SKAAR, it is my Norwegian band 🙂

I liked that intro so much so I have created a solo piano improvisation out of it.

When you wake up listen to this version:

When you are ready to sleep, listen to this one 🙂
Solo Piano Version –
UPDATE: The Sound of Emotions album includes the SHEET MUSIC of the Exercise 8: Song for Me (Hilja)

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