Easiest Way To Solo Over Any Jazz Standard

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Improvise a Solo Over Any Jazz Standard On Piano

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In this piano lesson, you are going to learn easiest approach to improvise a jazz piano solo over any jazz standard. When it comes to improvising a solo over jazz standard, it can be very confusing to understand which scales you can use to improvise over certain chords. Oftentimes there are multiple scales that you can use with one chord. Furthermore, many jazz standards like All The Things You Are have many chords. Therefore, you could hypothetically use hundreds of scales to improvise over one tune. If this sounds overwhelming to you, then I have good news for you! You can solo over most jazz standard using one or two “parent” scales. When you reframe jazz chords as expressions of one parent scale, soloing will become tremendously easier for you. In this piano lesson, you will learn:

The Chord Progression for All The Things You Are
The Dominant 7 Identifier
Diatonic Chords for 4 Keys
Jazz Chord Progression Analysis
How to Connect Your Jazz Lines

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