Easy DIY Setup for Online Piano Lessons (Students AND Teachers)

Just because we are all on Covid-19 lockdown doesn’t mean we need to stop learning piano!
Online lessons don’t have to be difficult! Here are some easy setup suggestions for both students and teachers.

Online Boogie Woogie Piano lessons with me can be booked through www.arthurmigliazza.com/lessons

One tip about headphones:
Regular old headphones that do NOT have a built in microphone will work better than earbuds, or those used for making phone calls. The mic in these headphones tends to block out noise that is not your voice. However, you are welcome to try anything you have and see how it works.


****The cellphone tripod I have is like this one (I THINK). Can’t find the exact one anymore, but this one has a detachable clamp like mine:

****The mic stand camera mount I have is this one:

The audio track is “Sing Sing Sing/ Bumble Boogie” from my album Laying it Down:

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