Jazz Piano
We use a triad based hand grip (upper structure) to improvise over the 2-5-1 (II-V-I) chord progression in minor. By using a specific “hand grip” the Jazz scales reveal themselves automatically and our Jazz improvisation becomes more simple and easy! We do not think music theory while playing the piano!!!

00:00 Intro
00:13 An easy way to do the left hand chords
00:40 The right hand grip explained – we play a Jazz solo already!
07:14 An easy mnemonic rule to look up the hand grip positions
08:46 Adding hand grip positions to expand the solo material
15:08 Theory (when not playing) we examine the scales in use
20:38 Just chatting, enjoying and playing Jazz Music 🙂

Theory: When performing the different hand grip positions over the II-V-I progression in minor we automatically play the “half diminished”, “altered” and “ascending melodic minor” scale.

At the end of the lesson we play expanded left hand chords learned in this former Jazz tutorial: https://youtu.be/wl1pgzCHeaE

Learn a lot more about the melodic minor modes: https://youtu.be/rvStGI_tn1o

Build a smart cardboard tool to look up all the degrees of the melodic minor modes in every tonality: https://youtu.be/QxCBm-lU6Lg

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