EASY Neo Soul Chords: A SIMPLE example of a progression (with full voicings)

The Progression: 0:03
Part 1 (How to play): 1:51
Part 2 (Constructing the chords): 8:57
Part 3 (Harmonic analysis): 24:16

In this video we will focus on breaking down a simple neo soul chord progression in the key of Eb major. After demonstrating the (short) progression, the lesson will do three things (you can only focus on the part that interests you):
1. Show you HOW to play the chords very slowly, so you can follow along and just replicate what I’m playing. This is great for “instant gratification” as well as for picking up those cool voicings you enjoy!
2. Show you very slowly how each voicing was constructed. We’ll go chord by chord and just build it up. This is by far the longest part of the tutorial. It’s kind of straightforward, but you’ll need to be comfortable talking about constructing chords with tensions. If you need a refresher, watch my Piano Quickie series:

3. Finally, we’ll do a functional (aka diatonic) analysis of the piece, meaning I’ll remark which degree each chord is and what its functional role is. I’ll point out any chord substitutions, passing chords, secondary dominants, etc I’ve used. This is a bit advanced, so if it’s a bit over your head don’t worry about it and just come back after you’ve picked up some theory. If you want to pick up the theory, consider watching my Jazz Piano Course here on Youtube (currently ongoing):


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