Easy Patterns for Piano Accompaniment – Play and Sing – Chords 101

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Learn how to accompany yourself in under 3 minutes. These patterns are REALLY easy. They work the best when you’re reading and singing from a Fake book or lead sheet.

Here are the three basic ways I accompany myself on piano when I’m singing.

LRLR or LRR LRR for 3/4 time songs where you count 123 123.
This is good when you want the music to be uplifting or create some rhythms to dance to.

BLLL BLLL good for rock stuff

HOLD for 4 beats – Good for jazz and ballads. or if you are just learning a song and trying to get the hang of playing and singing it.

If you get these basic patterns down, its really easy to add a little variation in the rhythms to create a lot of new vocabulary for your playing.

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