Easy Piano Tutorial: The Star Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled Banner piano tutorial. Simply follow the colored bars and you’ll be playing The Star Spangled Banner instantly! Get the free music with lyrics at our website: http://www.pianosongdownload.com/starspangledbanner.html

After 15 million views on my channel, YouTube removed my ability to earn ad revenue on all of my piano tutorials. They cited a duplication violation of their policies. Basically, YouTube has decided they will no longer support videos with any public domain songs, such as nursery rhymes, hymns and Christmas songs. I suspect these changes come from the possibility of Europe passing Article 13. What will our future be like if our treasured songs from our heritage are banned from the internet? Will you support my channel so these types of songs won’t be forgotten? http://www.pianosongdownload.com/support.html

If you would like to change the speed of the video, mouse over the lower right of the video, click on the settings icon, and that will give you the option of going faster or slower. Enjoy!

Composer: Traditional, public domain
Arranger: Julie Lind copyright © 2013 for PianoSongDownload
Performed using a midi file Julie Lind created for PianoSongDownload in the Synthesia software program.

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