Free Beginner Piano Lesson and Daily Exercises- Major Scales

Here is an extensive video all about major scales. Play along with this video daily for extra practice.
I forgot to mention the origin of major scales in video. Follow this link for more information:

00:15 – Scale Definition
00:26 – C Major Scale
03:35 – Both hands together
04:52 – Interval Sequence
05:01 – D Major Scale
06:04 – E Major Scale
07:26 – F Major Scale
08:50 – G Major Scale
09:26 – A Major Scale
10:04 – B Major Scale
10:40 – Daily exercises – Hands Separate
14:17 – Daily exercises – Hands Together
15:40 – End Notes

The song is one of my original compositions. Listen to the entire piece on Soundcloud:

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