Getting A Piano Lesson From … A Drummer?! (Drumeo / Pianote)

What can a piano teacher learn from a drummer? Nothing, you might think haha

But I have a confession … my rhythm is pretty terrible! I’m not great at counting beats and it’s just something I’ve always struggled with. But you know who has a great rhythm?


I’m often shocked at how easy drummers find hand independence and rhythm when they start learning the piano.

So Dave from Drumeo is here to show us some rhythm exercises that will help improve your hand independence and timing.

They’re not super easy, but they are awesome. You can download the sheet music here:

– Exercise 1 – 2:20
– Exercise 2 – 6:30
– Exercise 3 – 7:54
– Exercise 4 – 9:29

And if you’re interested in getting some drumming lessons (but really, who would want that?!) then check out Drumeo:

Or for some more free piano lessons, check out these series:

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