Gospel Piano Beginners Training: 5 Gospel Piano Concepts For Beginners

Click the link: http://bit.ly/b2basicsyt

To download the PDF that accompanies this video. You’ll also be able to access check out our 60 minute class that unpacks 10 concepts for beginners.

In this gospel piano training for beginners I talk about the 5 most important concepts I used to become my church’s full-time musician in less than 6 months.

I want to be clear that I spent A LOT of time practicing but my work paid off when I focused. You’ll learn about the Major scale, primary chords, number system and chord progressions in this training.

We’ll then follow it up by applying the concepts to a song. Honestly this is how I was able develop. I learned a concept and then applied it to a song.

So if you’re a beginner I encourage you to check this training out. It you’d like to download the PDF and check out our 60 minute class where I cover all 10 concepts you can click the link below:


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