How to Become a Well Rounded Jazz Pianist (in 42 minutes)

Jazz Piano
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This video lays out the path for a lifetime of study from beginner to expert. It is an overview of the process (from my own personal experience) to help keep you on the right track if you want to function on a world-class level as a jazz pianist.

This video may take you years to get through. Please be patient, and ask any questions you have. If you would like a customized video lesson explaining a specific piece of any of these concepts, please check out my video request page here:

This video is an overview of the following:

– Scales (fingering, hand placement)
– Beringer
– trompeter exercise
– over-under
– Bach (gigue, minuet, prelude in A-)

– Major and all the modes (to diminished)
– Triads
– Extensions
– 2/5/1s
— tritone
– comping and voice leading (drop 2)
– patterns (sheet)
Circle of Fifths

– learn tunes (attached list)
– big band
– bossa nova
– transcribing

Be able to do the following on a bunch of jazz standards:
– Play melody
– comp with both hands
– play melody and comp and the same time
– play bass pattern and comp
– play melody and comp
(use girl from Ipanema example)

– Oscar Peterson (bebop) (anything)
— Comping and melody
— Vocabulary
— Time feel / swing
— Melodic conversation (question/answer)
– McCoy Tyner (modal) (passion dance)
— Comping and melody
— Vocabulary
— Harmonic development
— – playing outside
— Contour (question/answer)
– Herbie Hancock (Modern) (actual proof)
— Comping
— Colors
— – playing outside
— Superimposition

Speed = practice slow and speed it up when you master it

Listen to the entire recordings of:
– Bud Powell
– Charlie Parker
– Herbie Hancock
– McCoy Tyner

Dabble in:
– Stan Getz
– Oscar Peterson
– Cannonball Adderly
– John Coltrane

Find a mentor. I’m very lucky to have Herbie Hancock as my mentor but it didn’t happen accidentally.
Play with people

I can make videos describing any of these in depth. It would take a lifetime to really teach all of it. So ask any questions you want.

Links to download:
Bebop licks:

Beringer exercises:

McCoy Tyner Vocabulary:

Tunes to learn:

NEW AS OF DECEMBER 18, 2017: One of my Patreon supporters made this cool spreadsheet that makes it easier to track your practice given my guidelines from the video. I’ve uploaded it here. Thanks Robel F! Practice Itinerary Spreadsheet (compliments of Robel F):

NEW AS OF DEC 30, 2017: One of my students, Andres C, came up with this awesome spreadsheet that outlines my explanation of the modes and how to approach them from two different angles.
Thanks Andres!!!

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