How to Learn New Tunes (Autumn Leaves) │ Jazz Piano Lesson #32

Jazz Piano
Level: Recommended for all levels.
Sheet Music:
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About this lesson:
1. My original idea was to share this music sheet with you, but I had to take it down due of copyright infringement. (Yep, the melody of Autumn Leaves is not old enough just to share freely.) Luckily, I got some help and now I could re-publish it again through

2. Most of the time I follow what is written, but still, you might find some differences here and there.

3. These are the basic steps I follow whenever I learn a new standard. You will benefit a lot from going through these steps too.

4. BEFORE STEP 1: Listen to this song a lot and to try to learn it by ear. (Lyrics too)

5. I am going to upload 6 different arrangements for Autumn Leaves + impro and stuff. (You already heard two of the arrangement at the beginning of this video)
Basically you will get a Complete Autumn Leaves Workout. Very soon. Stay tuned.

About “faking jazz”

Please, if you have the time check out “Universal Mind of Bill Evans”.
Here is a teaser: “People tend to approximate the product rather than attacking it in a realistic, true way at any elementary level — regardless of how elementary — but it must be entirely true and entirely real and entirely accurate. hey would rather approximate the entire problem than to take a small part of it and be real and true about it. To approximate the whole thing in a vague way gives you a feeling that you’ve more or less touched the thing, but in this way you just lead yourself toward confusion and ultimately you’re going to get so confused that you’ll never find your way out.”

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