How to Make Dissonant Chords Sound Beautiful

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How to Make Dissonant Piano Chords Sound Beautiful

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Have you ever played two completely piano chords at the same time? If so, odds are that the chord sounded pretty terrible! How then, do jazz musicians play two chords at the same time and make them sound so beautiful. The key is how you think of chords. Amateurs think of chords as destinations. Jazz musicians think of chords as vehicles to get them to destinations. So how do you turn dissonant piano chords into a vehicle that you can use to create more interesting, dynamic chord progressions? Get ready, because that’s the topic of todays Quick Tip! In this piano lesson, you’ll learn:

– 3 Dissonant Piano Chords (Poly Chords)
– How to Transform Dissonant Chords into Beautiful Ones
– How to Use These Chords in Chord Progressions
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Jonny May

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