How To Make ‘That Classic House’ – Creating the piano

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We welcome Sonic Academy regular ‘Dirty Secretz’ back to deliver a ‘How To Make ‘That Classic House’ in Ableton’. Reflecting on the number of tracks this year that has unashamedly brought back the bouncy house piano riff of days past. That Classic Chicago house sound maybe permanently ingrained the bright, staccato sounds of blocky piano chords in our collective subconscious, but these retro-minded piano timbres have been steadily pushed to the sidelines in favour of big room EDM ‘whomps’ and’drops’. However, with producers such as Paul Woolford, Todd Terje, and french producer Moon Boots have all broken out the classic M1 piano, and have brought new life to the sound. Here Richie takes us from the first kick right through to the mixing a mastering stage, and shows us how to nail that sound.

Also with this course, we are running a remix competition – The ‘How To Make ‘That Classic House’ with Dirty Secretz Remix Contest is exclusive, here on Sonic Academy. We think we have one of the best music-making communities anywhere, and the level of production skillz coming through the forums is truly amazing. So, we are super excited to see what you guys can come up with – we know you can smash it. You can now download the stems from this awesome tune and start working your magic! We have shown you how to make the tune, now it’s over to you to get creative, and bust out those precious beats and show the world your production talent.

Competition closes on 29th Sept 2016 at 11.59 GMT

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