How To Play A Boogie Woogie Bassline (Piano Lesson)

Are you ready to boogie?!

You’re about the learn the DEFINITIVE Boogie Woogie bassline. It’s literally the first bassline you see when you search Wikipedia for “Boogie Woogie”.

Brett is back and this lesson will get you moving and working those fingers.

Warning — this is not the easiest bassline to play. It will take some practice, especially when you start changing chords. But it is SO MUCH FUN and if you play this for someone, guaranteed they’ll smile 🙂

And you’ll be working on your left-hand strength and dexterity!

So here we go! Here are the timecodes for the lesson:

– The pattern – 0:30

– How to play it – 0:43

– Playing it over other chords (the F chord) – 1:11

– Playing it over a G chord – 1:35

– Adding in the right hand – 1:45

– The hardest part (and how to practice it) – 2:37

– The pattern one more time (slowly) – 3:07

Remember to keep that bounce in the bassline, it’s Boogie Woogie after all!

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