How to play COMPTINE D’UN AUTRE ÉTÉ – on Piano Tutorial (Amélie Soundtrack)

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Hey guys,
this is my brand new piano tutorial of the unbelievable wonderful piano piece “Comptine d’un autre été” (Soundtrack from Amelie).

Two years ago this was also my very first youtube video, but in german.

So I really hope that I can help you with learning this song!

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And here are the promised time spaces:

The whole song played: 00:39
Part 1: 03:18
Part 2: 07:10
Part 3: 11:05
Part 4: 21:46
Part 5: 25:51
Part 6: 29:17
Part 7: 36:13

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Locking forward to see you there!

Now, have fun with your piano and these piano lessons from the wonderful amelie soundtrack!

Viele Grüße

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