How to Play Jazz Piano – Beginner to Advanced

Jazz Piano
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In this Jazz Piano Tutorial we will be on how to play Jazz Piano – from beginner to advanced.

In this lesson I try to answer the questions of ‘How to Play Jazz Piano.’ This is quite a difficult question to answer because Jazz is a very fluid and broad genre. There is no ‘right’ way to play Jazz. Consequently, it’s often quite difficult to create a prescriptive series of steps which you must follow in order to be able to play Jazz. The whole point of Jazz is that the musician is just as involved in the composition of a song as the composer. This is why Jazz musicians generally use ‘lead sheets’ rather than ‘sheet music’. Lead sheets intentionally only give you the skeleton of the song (just the basic melody and chords) and force you to make up the rest. It’s up to the musician to take this basic information and turn it into a fully-fledged performance. Nevertheless, when you are just beginning to learn to play Jazz, you’re naturally looking for some guidance about what to play and how to play.

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