How to Play Piano: From Beginner to First Song (Fast!)

A complete guide to How to Play Piano. In this video, Jacques guides beginners through the basics and by the end you will be able to play your first song on the piano.

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The first step to learning how to play piano is to truly understand and know the keys on the piano. You don’t need to memorize all 88 keys, because there are sections of 12 keys that just repeat themselves over and over on the piano. Set yourself up for success on the piano by really learning the 12 keys before moving on to the next step.

The next step to learning piano is to learn the major chords and minor chords. Chords are just multiple notes played at the same time. In this video I show you the simple formulas for instantly learning all the major and minor chords.

Finally, I show you the chords that are in “Let it Be” by “The Beatles” and how you can start playing a nice version of that song.

Let me know if this isn’t the easiest way to learn how to play piano that you’ve seen!

Piano In 21 Days:

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