How To Play Piano The Fastest Way: Piano Chords

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How To Play Piano The Fastest Way: Piano Chords
How to play piano is a subject that most everybody thinks about
from time to time during their life. It is a universal desire to
create music and express oneself through songs and musical pieces.
Playing piano is a wonderful skill that can stay with a person
throughout his or her lifetime and bring joy to them and their family and friends.

The traditional way to learn piano is to take piano lessons and
learn to read music from sheet music and piano books, and 90% of
people who play do learn that way. But there is also a minority of
people who learn to play the piano by using chords. Piano chords
are groups of 3 music notes played at one time or at least almost at the same time.

By learning to play piano by playing the melody of a song and then matching that melody with chords in the left hand which use the same piano notes, an individual is able to get started harmonizing the songs he or she likes very quickly.

Learning to read music is a wonderful skill and I highly recommend it, but learning music theory through chord analysis is valuable too, and a skill that should be learned as quickly as possible.

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