How to play the piano for kids Lesson 1 by PianoCourse101

How to play the piano for kids by PianoCourse101-Right from the comfort of your own home!

PianoCourse101 is aimed primary towards children who would like to learn the piano right from the comfort of their own home! We are very passionate in teaching and we hope that you are enjoying your time with us. We are also trying to aim for a 1000 subscribers and would also appreciate if you could give it a thumbs up for each lesson, if you find it helpful. It is based on the Bastien Piano Basic series for children and because of copyright issues, we cannot show the interior design of the book and therefore would recommend that you purchase the book before commencing your lessons. At the moment, Primer Level will be a free course while there will be a fee for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. There will also be lessons for adults in the near future once we get enough subscribers and thumbs up!

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