How to play the piano for kids: Level 1: Lesson 5 by PianoCourse101

How to play the piano for kids by PianoCourse101-Right from the comfort of your own home!

PianoCourse101 is designed to assist your child to learn how to play the piano right from the comfort of your own home! We understand that as a mum, you might have a busy lifestyle and might not have the time to go and look for a piano teacher. It is also expensive to find a professional piano teacher who can teach your child to learn how to play the piano. Hence, it is our goal, to provide piano tutorials for your child completely free! Anyone can learn how to play the piano like a pro online for free and the lessons are based of the “Bastien Piano Basics Series”.

There are four levels in the complete course but currently, we have only uploaded the “Primer Level” course. The “Primer Level” course is the free course but there will be a fee for the “Level 1”, “Level 2” and Level 3” courses. We still believe that the fees are affordable compared with having lessons privately and students will have the opportunity to win some free piano lessons by using our website at

The website is also designed to make the lessons more interactive and fun for students. It has point system, where you can earn points by using the practice diary to record your practising, being actively using the website and by referring us to your friends and families. In the future, we will also be recoding some lessons for adults, so please register our website or subscribe to our newsletters to stay in touch.

If you need to purchase any of the Bastien piano series, please support us by clicking on the link below:

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