Improvise Jazz Piano even if you have zero talent

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Did you know that blues is one of the most accessible styles for anyone to learn on piano? That’s because the blues requires pianists to learn relatively few chords at a time. And you can improv over a slow blues groove with just one scale! Hang out with me for today’s Slow Jazz and Blues Piano Improv Quick Tip and you’ll learn the following:

– 2 Essential Jazz Chords
– 1 Versatile Groove
– 4 Improv Tools

If you are a beginner pianist, you’ll find this Quick Tip to be a great jumpstart to playing some enjoyable jazz and blues piano, with improvisation—even if you don’t read notation yet! Intermediate and advanced piano students will find immediate application as well with super cool pro tips like combined grips and harmonized slides—all in about a half-an-hour or less.

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Happy practicing!
Jonny May

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