Jazz For Beginners, (Part 1) Theory and Block Chords Tutorial

Jazz Piano
Requested Video: especially for beginner level piano students
1. 0:48 – The diatonic scale
2. 6:00 – Scale numbers and intervals
3. 9:12 – Defining the intervals
4. 12:13 Intervals create (block) chords – triads
5. 16:03 7th chords = Jazz (Block) Chords
6. 21:05 Transpose Chords to other Keys
7. 22:38 Additional Basic Chords
8. 24:56 How to Apply Chords to a Song
9. 26:44 Chords Applied to “Green Dolphin Street” Learn principals and theory of jazz, Starting with the diatonic scale and intervals, Block Chords in triads and 7ths. All the basics to start playing jazz harmony. Chord progressions and rhythm in future videos (see Part 2-6).Please check out Jazz Piano Book: Great for Beginners: http://www.kenthewitt.com/my-book

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