Jazz Piano Tutorial – Amazing Harmony Secrets Revealed

Jazz Piano
https://www.freejazzlessons.com/premium/ Jazz piano tutorial on the magnetic pull of 2 5 1 chord progressions and pro jazz piano voicings. Did you enjoy this jazz piano tutorial?
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In this free jazz piano tutorial I show you a classic move you can use to reharmonize a basic I to IV chord progression.
Since this chord progression is so common and in so many styles of music it’s always a great idea to learn lots of different ways of spicing it up.

If you do the same thing every single time your audiences can and will get bored.

In this jazz piano tutorial video I demonstrate this technique in context of the tune Fly Me To The Moon but you can really use this technique in any song that features a 1 to 4 chord progression.

So many tunes are built off of circle of fifth harmony so it won’t be hard for you to find lots of tunes to apply the techniques i how you in this jazz piano tutorial.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of tunes that have this chord progression but here’s a small list to get you started. Autumn Leaves, All The Things You Are, There Is No Greater Love, God Bless The Child, Just Friends, and any blues tune.

If you need help figuring out what the 2 5 1 in any key simple count 1 scale degree up from your starting chord to find your 2 chord. Usually the quality of this chord will be minor.

And to find your V chord simply count 5 scale degrees up from your starting chord. Usually the quality of this chord will be dominant 7th.

If you need more help on ii V I basics I have another jazz piano tutorial video that shows you how to figure it out in any key. I also have courses available that show you how to organize your practice and get real results with limited time at the keys.

Basically one of the jazz harmony techniques I’m using is making a minor chord become a dominant chord. This creates a sense of voiceleading that absolutely must resolve. If you’ve ever studied piano theory or classical theory you’ll know this technique is sometimes called secondary dominants.

We’re using the natural pull of a leading tone to pull into the next chord in the chord progression. Yes, I’m using interesting chord voicings in this jazz piano tutorial but don’t miss the actual chord progression and harmony techniques i’m using.

That’s where the magic of this type of technique comes from.

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