Jazz Piano Tutorial – Coltrane Changes Explained

Jazz Piano
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This Jazz Piano Tutorial is about Coltrane Changes.

Historically, early Jazz Standards generally modulate/change key (AKA key centre, AKA tonal centre) in one of three ways:
1. Cycle of Fifths
2. Whole Step
3. Chromatic

But why only use these intervals to change keys? Why not use other intervals? For example, Coltrane changed keys by intervals of Major 3rds.

Coltrane Changes can be used to reharmonise:
1. II-V-I’s
2. III-VI-II-V’s
3. I-VI-II-V’s

They work well as a reharmonisation because:
– Chord move in a structured way (down in fixed intervals)
– All progressions end on the tonic

But why stop there. You can also change keys using other intervals such an minor 3rds or tritones.

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