Jazz Piano Tutorial – Walking Basslines (Part I)

Jazz Piano
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This Jazz Piano Tutorial is about walking basslines. I explain what they are, what they are used for, give some tips when playing bass lines and then take you through a few examples.

Below is a quick recap of the lesson:

Walking Bassline Tips
– Key beats: 1 & 3
– Key notes of chord: 1 & 5
– Target root note on beat 1
– Use leading notes on beat 4 to move to next chord
– Chromatic
– Diatonic
– 5th/Dominant
– Keep it movin’: phrases going up or down
– Circle the note

Walking Bassline Ideas/Examples (Chord Progression – ii, V, I in C)
Pedal Point: D, D, D, D | G, G, G, G | C, C, C, C |
Arpeggio (hopping): D, F, A, C | G, B, D, F | C, E, G, B |
Arpeggio (walking): D, F, A, F | G, B, D, B | C, E, G, B |
Diatonic: D, E, F, A | G, A, B, D | C, E, G, E |
Chromatic: D, F, Ab, F# | G, Ab, A, D | C, E, G, Db |

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