“Jazz Up” Your Piano Playing (Make Anything Sound Jazzy)

Jazz Piano
Turn simple piano songs into jazz standards with these tips! But first, make sure you download the jazzy music here!

7th chords are the backbone of jazz piano, and it’s amazing how much difference they can make in how your playing sounds.

Sam is back today with a lesson on how to “jazz up” your piano playing with some simple steps.

Here are the timecodes:

– The normal version (no jazz) – 0:12
– The “jazzy” version – 0:31
– How to make a Major 7th chord – 0:55
– How to build a dominant 7th chord – 1:10
– Applying the chords to the melody – 1:48
– Adding rhythm and swing – 2:52

One thing to mention, at 3:22 Sam plays a funny-looking chord. This is STILL a G7 chord, but he’s playing it in an inversion. Which means he’s just changed the order of the notes.

For more on inversions, check out this lesson: https://youtu.be/Xuuq8DtUy_g

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