Kaitlyn’s 1st Piano Lesson (November VLOG)

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What’s it REALLY like to learn the piano?

I’m going to show you. And to do that I need you to meet Kaitlyn.

She works in support at Pianote, and aside from being an awesome colleague and friend, Kaitlyn also wants to learn the piano. So I’m showing her how, using Pianote!

For this VLOG you’ll see her VERY 1st lesson, and then how much she improves with a week of practice.

You’ll also get a glimpse of how we plan and figure out what videos to do for you guys, and I’ll share some hints about what’s coming in the future.


Here are the time codes:

– Introducing Kaitlyn – 1:27
– Her first lesson – 2:48
– Our planning meeting – 5:26
– Kaitlyn’s 2nd lesson – 7:38
– What’s coming up at Pianote – 12:32

If you want to learn along with Kaitlyn, check out Pianote:

It’s what she’s using for her lessons and practices 🙂

To learn more about chords and songs, check out Chord Hacks (FREE series):

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