Kid plays sick piano memes At HS Talent Show

Arranged and performed by Jason Tran
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Song Timeline down below!

I had to trim out the part where I play Hotel California, otherwise my video would be taken down
Song Timeline (as requested by many) Enjoy!!
00:13 “Universal Studios Theme Song”
00:37 “All-Star” – Smash Mouth
00:56 “Love me again” – John Newman
1:18 “Fake Love” – Drake
1:46 “Grenade” – Bruno Mars
2:15 “Hotel California” – The eagles
2:28 “I just had sex” – The Lonely island
2:46 “Nokia phone theme song”
3:03 “Broccoli” – Lil Yachty
3:14 “The Office Theme song”
3:27 “The Force (Binary Sunset)” – Star Wars OST
3:48 “My heart will go on”- Celine Dion
4:16 “A thousand miles” – Vanessa Carlton

For my Dianna..who was right there in the crowd cheering me on.

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