Kodi Lee AGT Winner 2019 – Piano Teacher Yiyi Ku Interview with UMT Glory St. Germain

How do you teach a student who is blind and autistic? What are the challenges, the rewards, the possibilities? Two words – Kodi Lee.

The headline read: Blind Autistic Singer SHOCKS The World Again In The Live Show! 🎤 America’s Got Talent 2019 – They were talking about KODI LEE.

Not only does Kodi sing… he also plays the piano. How did Kodi Lee (blind & autistic) learn to play the piano? 🎹

Yiyi Ku knows all too well the struggles, the dedication and the commitment it takes – because Yiyi Ku… is Kodi Lee’s piano teacher, and you are about to meet her. ❣️😍

Watch Glory St. Germain with Special Guest Yiyi Ku – Learn the 5 foundations of Yiyi’s teaching philosophy and how Kodi Lee got to perform on America’s Got Talent 2019 and WOW the world with his heart-felt performance.

One performance can change everything!

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I’m Glory St. Germain from UMT, and not only am I a Kodi Lee super fan, I’m also a super fan of Kodi’s piano teacher and my very special Guest today, Yiyi Ku.

Welcome to the Ultimate Music Interview Yiyi and Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments with all your students!

Yiyi Ku is a professional pianist and runs the very successful Yiyi Ku Music Studio in Murrieta, CA, teaching students of all ages and levels including some that are highly gifted such as the now famous Kodi Lee, performing in America’s Got Talent 2019.

Let’s start with you, Yiyi…
How did you get started as a teacher?

Yiyi, you have an amazing piano studio full of wonderful talented students, and when you started teaching Kodi in 2016, you were introduced to this musical savant musician.

Can you explain what a savant means?
“savant” means he has exceptional ability and memory. He can hear a piece of music once, and basically play it back to you.

A question most people would ask is, how do you teach Kodi who is blind and autistic, to not only play Classical pieces, but take them to the level that he has achieved as a First Prize Winner of the Golden Classical International Music Awards Competition and performing at Carnegie Hall?

What were some of the challenges?

1. Fingering

2. Unnecessary stretching

3. Arm and Wrist movements

You were able to attend the live performance of Kodi Lee on America’s Got Talent 2019 in the Dolby Theatre, what was that experience like?

You are an amazing teacher Yiyi, congratulations on ALL of your many student’s accomplishments!

Teaching piano is more than just being able to play the notes, schedule a class, prepare lesson plans, etc.… it’s about our passion to communicate the mastery of learning to play the piano isn’t it?
One of the many Blessings about teaching is developing that unique and special bond that we share with our students.

Yiyi, you truly have a talent for connecting with your students.
Can you share the 5 foundations of your teaching philosophy with our audience? (I love these)

The 5 foundations of YOUR teaching philosophy.

Thank you so much for joining me today and sharing your teaching story with us!

We will all be cheering for Kodi Lee on America’s Got Talent 2019!
In closing, I want to share your quote Yiyi –

“As the world will once again be moved by the power of music, love that is unconditional, and genius that is our one and only Kodi Lee.”

To learn more about Yiyi Ku, read her blog and watch teaching videos, go to: YiyiKu.com What would Kodi say? Heck Yeah!!

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Have a musical day!

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