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Jazz Piano
Learning jazz piano isn’t a guessing game, even that’s how I approached it for 15+ years.

It’s a system.

The majority of students, including myself start by learning tunes.

This should be the LAST step we do. Before that we need jazz piano TOOLS.

Would you try and read and write without learning the Alphabet? No, of course not.
Jazz Piano is the exact same way.

In this 15 minute podcast I’m going to break down the easy 4 step system we use that is has successfully taught thousands of students jazz piano so you can use it too.

Also don’t forget to download the 4 Step Blueprint so you can implement this strategy correctly and start reaping the rewards:

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Podcast 135 Practice Materials


Have you been trying to learn jazz piano with youtube videos, dvds, teachers but feel
like you’re still constantly guessing, can’t play any tunes without copying what someone else has played,
and don’t know how to connect all the tid bits you’ve learned?

I went through the same thing but thankfully stumbled upon a learning system I created based on
proven language learning blocks.

The JPS System brings you through 4 main categories of learning,
Theory, Technique, Improvisation and Repertoire.

I’ll show you exactly how to utilize our popular system so
you can finally achieve jazz piano freedom: http://jazzpianoschool.com/lookinside


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